EduQuote of the Week: April 11 – 19, 2016

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If someone is going down the wrong road, they don’t need motivation to speed up. What they needs is education to turn around.

– Jim Rohn


EduQuote of the Week: April 4 – 10, 2016

door quotesCelebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.

– Mia Hamm

EduQuote of the Week: March 21 – 27, 2016

door quotesWhat makes Superman a hero, in fact this makes anyone a hero, is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely.

– Christopher Reeve 

Teach & Serve No. 31 – The Most Interesting Educator

Teach & Serve 

No. 31 * March 16, 2016

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The Most Interesting Educator

For someone in front of them each teacher is the most interesting educator alive. It’s an as awesome a responsibility as it is awesome.

The “news” that Dos Equis is retiring their “Most Interesting Man in the World” advertising campaign after over a decade of success (I guess they are sending him to Mars for his last commercial) got me thinking about how engaging that campaign was and how many times it made me laugh. A thought that commonly occurs to me followed – what would it be like if society celebrated educators the way it celebrates entertainers or sports figures or subjects of ad campaigns.

It would be kind of cool, wouldn’t it?

So, at the end of last week and into this one, I’ve been tweeting using the hashtag #TheMostInterestingEducatorAlive, commenting about friends of mine I’ve known in my years in education and making some remarks (remarks I found both funny and true) concerning how they affect their students or how they have affected me in their vocations.

Most InterestingI am unsure of just how many teachers and administrators I’ve worked with over the course of my quarter century in education. The total must be over 500, of that much I am certain. Do I remember all of them? No. Certainly not. I wish I did, but my personal data banks are so filled with comic book and Star Trek and Denver Bronco trivia that the important stuff is sometimes forced to the outskirts of my numb skull. No, I don’t remember all of the people with whom I’ve worked.

But this much I do know. I know that to some student they taught, to some athlete they coached or musician they inspired, to some kid in a classroom or some teenager in the cafeteria, they were the Most Interesting Educator Alive.

This is true and it’s also an awesome responsibility. Educators make differences in people’s lives with each moment and in each circumstance. Their actions are remembered. Their word echo.

This is why I wrote “@UrCinnamonGirl knows stories about Traveler that Robert E. Lee himself never did” because her students leave her class with minds filled with the stories of history that make history worth knowing.

This is why I wrote of the talented @Sean_M_O’Dea “he wrote 94 of the 95 Theses.” Of course he didn’t, but to his students, it seems he did. That’s the level of command he brings to his subject.

This is why I wrote “@KellyQuigs knows the real UN could learn a thing or two from her Model UN Club” because she inspires a love of the real world in her kids and they get it.

This is why I wrote “Ice cubes wish they were as chill as @JoeLags.”  His students know that @JoeLags always approaches them calmly and with compassion. They trust him long after they leave his classroom.


This is why I wrote that “When Parker Palmer needs leadership advice, he asks @bhobbs63” – he teaches adults what it means to lead.

I’ve tweeted about almost 20 of my colleagues. I’ll continue tweeting about them and I encourage you to do so, too. Choose a teacher, compose a #TheMostInterestingEducatorAlive tweet and remind a teacher of what they meant to you. Remind an administrator of what they did for you. Remind an educator of what they do for eternity.

For someone in front of them each teacher is the most interesting educator alive. It’s an as awesome a responsibility as it is awesome.

EduQuote of the Week: March 14 – 20, 2016

door quotesIf I have any worth it is to live my life for God so as to teach these peoples.

– St. Patrick 

EduQuote of the Week: March 7 – 13, 2016

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The most valuable player is the one that makes the most players valuable.
– Peyton Manning 

EduQuote of the Week: February 29 – March 6, 2016

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To change the world, we must be good to those who cannot repay us.
– Pope Francis

EduQuote of the Week: February 22 – 28, 2016

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The best means of forming a manly, virtuous, and happy people will be found in the right education of youth. Without this foundation, every other means, in my opinion, must fail.
– George Washington

EduQuote of the Week: February 15 – February 21, 2016

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Upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plan or system respecting it, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people can be engaged in.
– Abraham Lincoln

EduQuote of the Week: February 8 – February 14, 2016

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Although the life of a person is in a land full of thorns and weeds, there is always a space in which the good seed can grow. – Pope Francis