A Journal of the First Year | Sixteen

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21 | March | 2019

It is my intention to share some reflections on the highs, the lows, the excitement, the routine, the successes, the failures and everything in between which I experience the course of the next 10 – 12 months, my first months as a full-time principal of a high school.  Writing this journal will help me grow. Reading it may make you laugh… 

Next week, Spring Break comes to Mullen High School. If I am honest with myself I have to admit that I am very ready. I admit this even in the context that the school, just last week, was closed twice for Snow Days. “Was closed twice” is an interesting turn of phrase. To be more accurate, I should have written “I closed school twice” last week.

Regardless, despite the fact that I had two work from home days last week, I am still looking forward to the break. My wife and I will travel, we will see one of the kids who lives out of state, we will be able to set our own schedules, something that rarely happens in the life of a teacher or administrator.

But I am aware, and I have read on twitter and discussed with my colleagues with increasingly regularity as breaks are approached, that not everyone is as excited as I am for a break and, in this, I mean students and staff and faculty alike. For some, being at school means safety and routine and calmness and predictability. Not every student will go away and travel. Not every staff member is looking forward to the interruption in school.

So, though I am, frankly, thrilled by the prospect of sleeping for a few days until after the sun rises, I know that not everyone feels this way and I will strive to keep them in mind next week. In my gratefulness for some down time, I want to be aware that this is not what everyone is going to experience.