A Journal of the First Year | Twenty

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16| May | 2019

It is my intention to share some reflections on the highs, the lows, the excitement, the routine, the successes, the failures and everything in between which I experience the course of the next 10 – 12 months, my first months as a full-time principal of a high school.  Writing this journal will help me grow. Reading it may make you laugh…

As I sit to write this post early on the second to last Thursday of this, the first year I am principal of Mullen High School, I am aware of many things. First, my bandwidth is getting more narrow with each passing day. Second, I want to remain as positive as I possibly can during these last hours of the school year. Third, this year has positively rocketed past me.

My bandwidth has narrowed to the point that I am going from moment-to-moment through my calendar and through my days. This is not a bad thing. I am attending to all (I hope!) that needs to be completed – though not is as timely a fashion as I might like. But the pace is leaving little time for anything generative and protecting time for generation even in May is something I’d like to change for next year. I will have to protect some time but, more than that, going through our end of year rituals for a second time and living through our particular end of the year flavor will, I hope, help!

I am trying my very hardest to be as positive as I possibly can as the end of the year approaches. Students are fatigued and worried about projects and finals. Faculty and staff are, likewise, engaged in wrapping things up for themselves and in their own rights. I believe – strongly – it is incumbent upon me, in the role I am lucky enough to hold, to be the most positive person in the school. I am doing my level best to be that person.

And it is amazing to me as I look forward two weeks in the calendar to note that I will have been here for a year and that I will have started my second. It’s amazing and it’s wonderful and I am so glad my feet are here.